About Us

Providing Community Support Programs
and Counselling Services Since 1978

Wavecare is a community based not-for-profit counselling and community support organisation governed by a volunteer Committee of Management.

We provide support to people who are in need of assistance due to illness, grief & loss, abuse, trauma, suffering, distress, homelessness, crisis, misfortune, disability, relationship issues and isolation.

Wavecare provides innovative services to children, adolescents, adults, families, couples, schools, groups and the business sector.


Wavecare exists to provide accessible, affordable and community based professional counselling and community support services to individuals (including children), couples, families and groups suffering crisis, disadvantage, mental health issues, grief and loss, trauma, illness, abuse, isolation and related life events.

No member of the community will be denied access to our services due to financial constraints, race, religion or gender.

Wavecare will be one of the leading counselling and community support services within the City of Monash and surrounding localities, with a broad program and membership base, strong community profile, and partnering closely with the community, not-for-profit, government and business sectors.

Wavecare will enrich the lives of those who access our services and they will be empowered by our method of service delivery.


  • Demonstrate the highest standards of Professionalism, Respect and Ethical Behaviour.
  • Embrace Diversity.
  • Show Integrity in all that we do.
  • Work in Partnership with our clients, community staff – paid and unpaid, donors, volunteers and funding bodies.
  • Believe in Community and take seriously our role to further enhance the environment within which we work.


  • Provide exceptional counselling and community support services to individuals, couples, families and children.
  • Continue to provide and enhance our quality programs for the frail aged via the Glencare program.
  • Provide a professional volunteer program and meaningful volunteer opportunities.
  • Provide a broad range of services that meet the needs of our community such as material aid program, group work, consultancy, training, supervision and general support programs.