What is Glencare?

Keeping socially active and building new friendships

An important part of maintaining good mental health is being socially active and building connections and relationships. Glencare Social Support Group provides friendship and activities for senior citizens in the City of Monash who may be experiencing social isolation. The program aims at developing long-lasting friendships, promoting individual health and wellbeing and preserving social connectedness.

Run with help of volunteers, Glencare organises a range of activities such as monthly outings, leisure games, craft, gentle exercises, guest speakers, entertainment and music. Transport to and from the program, as well as morning tea and a light lunch, is also supplied by the fantastic volunteers who ensure this vital program can continue to run.

If you miss catching up with people or are looking to make some new friends in the community, we encourage you to come along and join us!

Glencare operates every Tuesday between 9.30am and 3.00pm from the Glen Waverley Community Centre. The program is run by trained staff and a dedicated team of volunteers who also speak several languages. If you would like to find out more about the Glencare program, costs or registration process, please call the Wavecare office on 9560 6722.

When does Glencare run?

Glencare operates every Tuesday between 9.30am and 3.00pm.

Where does Glencare take place?

Glencare is based at the Glen Waverley Community Centre, 700 Waverley Road, Glen Waverley 3150.

How is Glencare funded?

Glencare is funded by the federal government, and is also run by volunteers. It is also known as the Commonwealth Home Support Program.