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Becoming a Corporate Sponsor of Wavecare not only helps us to continue providing low-cost counselling for people in need, but it presents an opportunity for your company to put their values and beliefs into practise while engaging with an important element of community care. It’s a partnership that benefits everyone involved – most of all, those who are seeking quality counselling services at an affordable price.

Unfortunately, traditional mental health systems are being stretched thin these days making it more and more difficult for people in the community to access adequate services to take care of their emotional and mental wellbeing. At Wavecare, we pride ourselves on offering bulk billing or low-cost counselling services to people in need, but this essential work can only continue with the support of Corporate Sponsors.

Partnering with Wavecare allows your company to invest in the community through helping fund quality counselling services designed to be accessed by everyone. Our strong reputation as Monash University’s most well-established and trusted mental health charity means that aligning with us demonstrates a clear passion for mental health awareness and a willingness to help those in need.

Wavecare can also collaborate with Corporate Sponsors by talking to their staff about mental health, mindfulness, caring for someone with a mental health issue, supporting EAP services, and providing emergency counselling.
By becoming a Corporate Sponsor with Wavecare, you are committing to supporting mental health services, people in the community who desperately need low-cost counselling, and providing an outlet for your employees to have access to the same quality support.