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Our Story

Our Mission Statement

We are an organisation who work in the City of Monash, and we contribute to the wellbeing of Victorians. We provide counselling and support services.

Our History

Wavecare began in 1978 as a church based counselling and support agency, initially supported by volunteers. Two years later we became an Incorporated Association with a constitution, governed by a Committee of Management and staffed by professional Counsellors and Psychologists. Since this time we have continued to grow, providing over 3,500 counselling hours every year. We have functioned for many years thanks to the substantial support of Monash City Council, corporate sponsors, and the volunteers and community groups who provide direct services and fundraising activities.

What we do – ‘Keeping lives on track’

Wavecare’s mission is to ‘keep lives on track’, and we aim to do this by providing affordable counselling and mental health support services. Our skilled practitioners have had years of education and professional training, allowing them to specialise in many types of therapeutic intervention. As a community organisation, we work with clients across their entire life-span, offering inclusive care to people from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds, as well as people who identify as LGBTQI+.

For the past thirty years we have run the Glencare program, a social support group. The program caters for individuals over and under the ages of 60 who wish to be involved within the community, socialise and maintain their independence and autonomy. Glencare also provides valuable respite time for families and carers.

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