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2022/2023 Monash Business Awards Runners Up

August 9, 2023
Thank you to the Monash Business Awards for this incredible award. We are deeply grateful for their recognition and for believing in our mission. We would like to acknowledge the…

New Board Member – Michelle Lykiardopoulos

April 19, 2023
Michelle joined Wavecare in December 2022. She is a lawyer with over 15 years of experience specialising in litigation and dispute resolution and is currently working as a Special Counsel…

Tuning in to Teen – (Mandarin)

April 12, 2023
Parenting Teens Course 家長們可以學習不同的方式來溝通與理解孩子,以幫助孩子管理他們的情緒、處理衝突,及學習如何預防問題行為。 Tuning into Teens 是一套研究實證支持的教養團體課程,聚焦於情緒輔導的教養風格。此團體支持家長與孩子們建立情感連接,並教導家長們如何幫助孩子學習認識情緒,以培養情緒智商。 為期六次的Tuning into Teens課程可以幫助您,發展覺察及回應孩子情緒的教養技巧,以協助孩子發展情緒智商。 您將學習到以下教養技巧:   更好地理解並幫助您的青少年度過這個重要的發展階段。 改善您和青少年之間的關係,及強化情緒連結。 教導您的青少年如何管理強烈的情緒,如擔憂、憤怒和悲傷。 建立青少年的解決問題、衝突解決和韌性技能。 幫助青少年發展正向和健康的友誼。   現在就預約此免費課程 請聯絡 Tel: 9560 6722

2022 Annual Report

December 15, 2022
When Australia went into lockdown in March 2020 for 43 days, it was inconceivable that we would still be in lockdown in October 2021.  Victorians had a total of 254…

Christmas Closure Times

December 14, 2022
Christmas Hours We are closing on Thursday 22nd December for our Christmas Break and will reopen on the 16th of January 2023.  We wish you and your family a very…

Thank you Pinewood Community Bank

November 15, 2022
Wheels on the Bus On Thursday night, 11th November, Wavecare were lucky enough to receive $3,500 from the Pinewood Community Bank.  Our over 65 socialisation group meets every Tuesday and…