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Recently, Denis Carruthers, our Chairman, and Michelle Gilmore, our CEO, were guests on the Monash Community Podcast. We were delighted to be able to educate the City of Monash about the work we do here at Wavecare. It was fantastic to chat to Charles about the important services we provide the community and the need for funding to continue doing this work. Thank you Charles for having us on your podcast!

Without corporate sponsors and community funding, we would not be able to provide the support and services to the community that are needed.

If you’d like to hear our discussion with Charles, listen below:





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For the past 40 years, Wavecare has been helping the people in the City of Monash cope with their mental health struggles through affordable and effective counselling and support services. If you are currently experiencing mental distress in any aspect of your life – work, personal, or otherwise – then it’s important to get in touch with professional support. Contact us on (03) 9560 6722.


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